How about the Audemars Piguet watch?

In 875, two watchmakers – the 22-year-old Jules-Louis Audemars and 24-year-old Edward-Auguste Piguet co-founded the Audemars Piguet brand in the village of Le Brassus in the Swiss Jura valley. They adhere to the concept of creating a unique brand for the vision, and leave the classic timeless handed down works. Until today, Audemars Piguet, this family business is still managed by the descendants of children, inspiration ingenuity inherited in the blood, the watchmaking process enthusiasm has not diminished. Today, Audemars Piguet is the top watch brand, is one of the world’s top ten watches.

Audemars Piguet does not follow the drift of the independent spirit in 1972 more dripping exquisite to show. Then came the royal oak royal oak series break the watch industry stick to the rules, and Rolex, Polaroid, like the same time out of the tabulation of no arrogance norms. After more than forty years in the lead, Audemars Piguet insisted consistent, Royal Oak series is still constantly creating new legends.

Audemars Piguet will be more than 100 years of unique traditions, experience and skills perfect integration, beyond the established watchmaking industry barriers, and redefine the industry’s existing tabulation rules. Audemars Piguet each series has a distinct outstanding personality, witnessed a superb masterpiece of the century watchmaking, as well as the brand of self-breakthrough innovation strength.

Adhere to the “professional hand-made” to create exquisite works is the eternal tradition of Audemars Piguet. Audemars Piguet in the back of each clock engraved with the name of the manufacturer, to show that is responsible for the guarantee. Even if the parts have been discontinued for 20 years, as long as the query saved manufacturing data, Audemars Piguet factory can still repair for customers to achieve the purpose of quality assurance for generations.