Ebohr Watch

According to wave watch is Guancheng Watch and Jewellery Group Limited’s R & D, design, production, sales of Volkswagen boutique watch brand. On this basis, we have developed a successful women-oriented women’s jewelry watch brand Qana and complex mechanical watch movement for the successful man. Administered covering 32 Chinese mainland wholly owned subsidiaries, nearly 3,000 sales terminals set up in the capital city and after-sales service network. Founded in Shenzhen in 1991, and in 2011 was named the China Famous Trademark consecutive years topped the “China 500 Most Valuable Brands” list, the brand value of 5.626 billion yuan.
Operations Center
Ybor The company has more than a thousand marketing terminals nationwide marketing network and service centers in the country enjoys a high customer awareness and reputation.
R & D Center
According to wave with strong technical backing, the world’s first to use the latest computer Association in the watch industry
Same design platform –PLM system form a highly efficient product innovation, a number of design results obtained national patent authorities and identified as “Chinese enterprises new record.”
control center
According to wave the full implementation of ISO9001 quality assurance system, the use of a full set of Swiss testing equipment, closed anti-static dust-free workshop, assembly line automation and laboratory and other harsh environmental control product quality, and serve to safeguard the interests of consumers and the reputation of well-known trademark by waves.
control center
By the waveguide into the world’s leading “the group information management platform” and ERP system, the first in the industry to achieve the data management of all business activities, is an industry leader in office automation, communications and audio-visual technology, sales and real-time data and other aspects.
Technology Center
Full implementation of the “technical standards”, the introduction of advanced equipment, advanced technology research and development, training of technical personnel, long-term cooperation with the Shenzhen University School of Materials Science, specializing in precious metals and materials research and application of composite materials, and strive to build according to wave autonomous technological innovation system enhance scientific and technological gold, detached low-level competition.
Manufacturing base
Used in Europe, Japan’s high-precision numerical control equipment and advanced technology, specializing in the manufacture of precious metal watch accessories, mobile phone exterior parts, lighter, belt buckle, cuff links and other fine production capacity reached 1000 kg of precious metals products. Palmer Phase II expansion project has been completed, to open a new plant, additions of new equipment, recruitment of additional staff to expand the high-precision watch components production capacity.