Ebohr Watch

Ebohr watch brand files
Country: China
Year of creation: 1991
Ebohr Watch Introduction
Ebohr (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., established in 1991, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Kong listed company (0256.HK). Is a professional design, manufacture, marketing brand watches, precious metals jewelry and refined products of the Group of enterprises. According to the wave company under the wave of enterprise technology center, Shenzhen Pama Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shenzhen in accordance with wave-line e-commerce Limited and the Swiss marketing company, and other enterprises.
A brand overview
Founded in Shenzhen, China in 1991, Yibo Fine Products (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a group enterprise specialized in designing, tabulating and marketing boutique watches in Hong Kong listed company China Haidian Group (HK0256).
According to the wave has the Chinese famous brand watch “according to the wave” – EBOHR, senior women’s jewelry watch “Kana” – KANA, senior men’s complex mechanical watch “Yu Fei” – EC and other brands and origin of the Swiss original high-level watch brand “Hao degrees” – CODEX the exclusive rights of the Asia-Pacific region.
In accordance with the wave of the Corporation under the enterprise technology center, design and research and development centers, precision manufacturing center, logistics support center, brand marketing center, marketing center, international business center and administrative center eight operating center, under the jurisdiction of 32 covers mainland China Wholly-owned subsidiaries, more than 1,600 sales terminals and the establishment of the provincial capital city after-sales service network.
According to wave with Shenzhen City Parma Quality Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shenzhen City in accordance with wave of fine online e-commerce Limited, Switzerland Precision Co., Ltd., and other wholly-owned subsidiary, the official staff of 1,800 people.
In accordance with the wave of Ebohr Watch(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a national certification of high-tech enterprises, according to wave brand is “China Famous Brand”, “China Famous Brand”, in independent innovation, brand reputation, market share, operating efficiency, information technology And fulfill their obligations such as corporate citizenship in the Chinese watch industry’s leading position.
According to wave table prices

By Ebo (EBOHR) watch era elements series quartz couple table male watch 00793339 Price: ¥ 399

According to the wave (EBOHR) watch elements of the era series of black steel strap quartz couple table male table 50030118 Price: ¥ 388
Maintenance knowledge of Ebohr Watch
1, quartz watch with a quality original Swiss or Japanese batteries, but the factory before the quartz watch to be carried out when the time and precision testing, when the assembly table into the battery power consumption, may not meet the requirements of use time. Most quartz watches have a battery life warning function, when the battery is low, the second hand 2 or 4 seconds to jump once. When the second hand after a lapse of 2 or 4 seconds before jumping; no second hand watch, the minute hand completely stopped, the battery should be replaced to avoid damage to the battery leakage and movement.
2, leather strap: gently wipe with a soft dry cloth moisture. Do not rub the strap to avoid fading or luster. In addition to special instructions, the “Kana table” leather strap is generally made of high quality leather. Do not wear with oil and a variety of acid and alkaline substances, avoid prolonged rain, flooding, water scrub, roast and sun exposure, otherwise it will cause leather crack, fracture and fall off. Remind you that you need to be specially carefully maintained to extend its use of time.
3, shock and vibration: watch should avoid falling, impact, bump; avoid friction with the hard surface; to avoid wearing a watch to do strenuous exercise, or watch a strong vibration, which may lead to watch damage.
4, magnetic field: magnetic field, especially strong magnetic field will affect the accuracy of the watch travel time or damage your watch. Therefore, please do not your watch and magnetic objects or objects can produce magnetic field close to each other, such as televisions, speakers, magnetic necklaces and so on.
5, chemicals: Please do not let the watch by a variety of solvents (including alcohol and gasoline), mercury-containing items, cosmetics, sprays, lotions, adhesives or paint erosion. Otherwise, the appearance of the watch will change color, corruption or damage, in particular, waterproof parts will be damaged and lead to poor water.