“Diving” is a spirit: Four Great Passion watch

In human curiosity of the unknown, we explore the underwater world to expand wireless, in human history, sea mining spare no effort but still can not see the whole picture until the “diving” can be realized.

Tudor Black Bay One
Deliberately creating and 1950s classic Submariner Ref. 7923 origins. The design is also in the field reproduce Ref. 7923 appearance, including black bezel and the face plate, as well as original watches the same baton “baton-shaped” golden hands. Face plate scale and brand logo printed part with gold fluorescent paint to create a 1950s retro texture. The biggest difference with the original watch, the reference point is marked on the diving bezel 12 o’clock position, as well as water resistant face plate 6 o’clock printed in red paint, highlights While this special commemorative watches.

Omega Seamaster 300 watch
Design of the most eye-catching calfskin strap for the watch only added to the charm of tradition, but also the ultimate smooth touch. Such material because of its natural color and grain structure is known, it is now also a symbol of extraordinary quality. In addition, the embedded hour markers covered with retro-style Super-Luminova luminous coating on weekdays elegant view, the dark blue light is circulated. With exceptional performance Omega Seamaster 300 watch, you do not need to appreciate excellence seabed 300 Omega Seamaster watch. No matter where, to attain this watch can meet all your expectations of contemporary Omega watch details Quality.

Bucherer ScubaTec diving watch
New ScubaTec dive watchs membership in Patravi Patravi series, this series has always been to combine complex mechanical functions of a modern classic and bold exterior design known. In complex functions and classical-style design of the spindle Manero Mali Long series in terms of comparison to, arguably the most fully demonstrate the spirit of innovation and technology brand power series, the design style is more modern.

ORIS Carlos Coste diving watch

Case made of sturdy but lightweight titanium to make the watch diameter of 46 mm. In the underwater world of darkness, readability is very important. For this reason, ORIS specially placed on a watch black ceramic unidirectional rotating top ring minute scale, embedded white fluorescent material, in order to see the divers to a dive time remaining. Scale and pointer black dial is embedded with an orange fluorescent material, while the inner double-arched sapphire glass coated with an anti-reflective coating to minimize glare. The watch is waterproof to 500 meters.