Discussion on the Quality and Reputation of Baume & Mercier

Baume & Mercier watches in China have a certain reputation, then what is the name of watches are several types of watches it? Surely we are very interested. Baume & Mercier watch is stationed in China earlier one of the watch business, at the same time, it is also a very low-key brand, known for moderate elegance. Celebrity watch has a long history, focus and production of mechanical watches, its quality is very trustworthy.

In the prestigious Swiss watch business, Baume & Mercierhave is one of the most striking historical brand. Baume (baume) was born in 1830, is a typical Swiss traditional watch factory, since 1919 inGreinkenGermany since the plant has been, three generations, is now very few independent family watch enterprise. Over the years it has been sticking to the field of automatic mechanical watches, the company is most proud of a feature is its 95% of the products are highly accurate mechanical watch.

All along, the Baume & Merciertable adhere to the “quality first” attitude, focus on the production of fine, reliable and durable mechanical watches, in the rest of the world, establish a “mechanical technology as micro” image. The company’s advertising slogan, “a model of mechanical art,” a clear emphasis on the production of mechanical watches in the field of professional status. Celebrity table is stationed in China earlier Swiss brand, over the years to “precision, reliability, durability,” the stability of quality to win the consumer’s trust on the table.
Celebrity watches are several types of watches

Online related to the table will be classified as the second category of first class table, that is, with Longines, Amy and other brands belong to a grade. Second-class first-class table is the backbone of the ETA, more biased in the ETA senior core, a certain transformation and grinding process or design focused, occupy the mid-range high-level areas, for the main consumer population is China’s middle class.

The long history of the famous watch is really second class first class it? Xiaobian that this question to be discussed. First of all, celebrity watches is a very low-key brand, so the real value of its brand is greater than the current value. Secondly, its low-key lead to the Chinese consumer awareness is not very high, therefore, the psychological valuation of its low. Once again, we all know that the Swiss watch industry has a long history, it is also those old Swiss watch brand to create a Swiss watch in the world of quality reputation. Celebrity is a typical Swiss traditional watch factory, its historical background can be seen, and its over the years adhere to the “quality first” attitude, buy it watch people can see the watch is carefully produced.

In addition, the price of Baume & Mercier watches are almost on the million, more than ten million to several hundred thousand range of watches, the price is not cheap. So Xiaobian think, Baume & Mercier watches may be ranked second class is more appropriate.