Chronoswiss and Alfa Romeo to launch a new standard pointer watch

All along, the car and watch seems to have some kind of indescribable link between Chronoswiss also confirms the car and mechanical watch can be the perfect combination. Expensive for the famous mechanical watch manufacturer, Chronoswiss has been actively involved in the field of motor sport, not only the title sponsor classic classic car race, but also watch the development of the style has amazing results, such as the legendary instrument Wrist watch – watch watch.

Chronoswiss is proud of the mechanical watch, and Alfa Romeo company adhere to the fine tradition of the top car, and strive to high quality and reliable performance coincides with the two sides work together by Chronoswiss refined Alfa Romeo Clover (Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio) Giulia watch to commemorate this powerful sports car, only the limited number of 100 only for the North American market. Chronoswiss Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio Giulia watch with sporty dial design and powerful use of the function.

Chronoswiss Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio The Giulia watch uses the iconic four-leaf logo of the Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio, which reflects its emphasis on performance, style and craftsmanship, as the legend of this watch Racing brand Alfa Romeo (Alfa Romeo). To carbon fiber surface, luxury calfskin strap and Clover logo is characterized, this limited edition watch will highlight the real style of Alfa Romeo supporters.

This unique limited edition watch has played the inherent red and black theme of racing. In addition to the carbon fiber dial with a red signal scale, the strap part will also show this contrast: the strap is made of black perforated calfskin, which continues the design of classic racing gloves and features bright red seams and Lined in sharp contrast. Inside the dial has a fine connection ring pattern and the precise length of the needle, these details make the overall appearance of the watch eye-catching.
Chronoswiss Phnom Penh’s combination of carefully selected colors and materials creates a traditional automatic watch that finds a balance between the tradition of the watchmaker and the eternal design.

On the back of the Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio Giulia watch, you can enjoy the black automatic movement through the sapphire back.

At the same time, Chronoswiss for this section of the watch is specially customized a sophisticated box, box with a legendary Quadrifoglio logo metal card.