Chopard Watch

Chopard is more than 150 years history of the famous Swiss watch brands. Ulysses by the Louis Chopin handedly created the Chopard watch industry in the prestigious, has long advocated the unique taste of Chopin watch top originality of design and technology, providing unique taste fine watch, the most careful selection gentry . In more than 50 countries, Chopard is regarded as simple and elegant, unique style watch in Need.

From 140 years of history of watchmaking family – Chopard watch. In “Chopin” in the name, imperceptibly into a strong artistic temperament as Chopin watch, so impressive to brand itself has brought unexpected results. Reality Chopin watch altar watch in the world, just like Francesco Chopin’s music in the world history, the same reputation and actively promoted through cultural and charity, as for each session of the Cannes Film Festival “Golden Palm” Award and the World Humane Society sponsors, not only in the elite class watch Chopin greatly admired, but also to ordinary people among established a good reputation in the minds of the people naturally become Chopard worth the money and has a positive reputation in the international watch.

Really laid the international watch brand Chopard watch is based on the 1967 launch of the “Happy Diamonds” (Happy Diamonds) series. When transformed into flakes, heart-shaped expensive diamonds of different shapes, such as the urchin-like chasing each other in the watch in the mirror, laughing and playing time, can not help but emotions are also relaxed and happy together. Such unexpected and unique design not only opens another window design jewelry watches, gems can only change the static presentation inlaid on the surface, but also to people in the Mid-Autumn jewelry watch a little more interesting. This bold unique creation was a great success, winning the 1976 Baden Golden Rose Award, which is the world’s supreme glory of a watch award.

With this happy and creative design, Chopin watch in the watch top jewelry industry has won a high position. It can be said, Happy Diamond series has a pivotal role in Chopin watch. Exaggeration to say that it seems to become a legend on Chopin, or a miracle. In fact, it Happy Diamond series will be traditional and innovative design so harmonious interpretation of nature, and it has become a well-known mark Chopin watch.