Cartier watch repairmen

If we want to watch the course of time, to a long period of normal work, then for our normal maintenance of the watch is essential. Especially as a watch such as Cartier is so, maybe a lot of friends for the maintenance of the knowledge of the watch is not very understanding. Here we ask Cartier maintenance point – Jing Shi Hengda watches repair center of professional technicians to give us a detailed explanation of some of this knowledge.
1, movement:
Every two years should be sent to the Cartier watch watch designated service center to ensure the normal operation. If the watch is too fast or too slow, you may need to re-adjust the movement of the movement.
2, the watch exterior clean:
Maintenance watch, it is recommended you clean the watch with warm soapy water and soft shell, and then rinse thoroughly with water, watch the water soaked in seawater or swimming pool, the need for immediate rinse, and finally with a soft dry cloth to wipe the net.
3, leather strap:
Cartier watch leather strap should be washed with warm water, direct air-dried. Do not place it on a dry heat surface to speed drying, otherwise the strap is easily deformed. After soaking in seawater or pool water, rinse thoroughly with water. To replace the strap, it is recommended that you or the Cartier Cartier dealer designated service center for you to avoid self-replacement caused by improper handling. Cartier leather strap designed specifically for the special size of the Cartier case designed to meet stringent standards of quality, the watch factory really made only by the Cartier dealer or Cartier designated service center for sale.
4, the metal bracelet:
Please wash with warm soapy water and soft brush Cartier’s metal bracelet, and then rinse thoroughly with water, bracelet dipped in water or swimming pool water, also need to immediately wash, and then wipe with a soft dry cloth. To increase or decrease the watch chain, it is recommended that you are appointed by the Cartier dealer or Cartier service center to help you, to avoid self-operation caused by improper handling.