Cartier Brand

Richemont – Richemont Commercial Co., Ltd., the top ten diamond brand, the world’s top ten jewelry brand, the world’s top ten brands of watches, founded in 1847, the world’s top 500 brands, world-famous brand, the leading brand, highly influential enterprises, known as the king of the world of jewelry

    Cartier (Cartier SA) is a French watch and jewelry manufacturer in 1847 by the Louis-François Cartier was founded in Paris Rue Montorgueil 31 numbers. In 1874, his son Caiaphas Cartier inherit its management rights to his grandson Louis Cartier, Pierre Cartier and plot Vince Cartier to develop it into a world famous brand. Now the Swiss Richemont (Compagnie Financière Richemont SA) subsidiary. 1904 who pilots Albert Stubbs Figure · · Santos degrees door design the world’s first only worn on the wrist watch – Cartier Santos watch (Cartier Santos).
In 1847, Louis-Francois Cartier took over his teacher Adolphe Picard in Paris Montorgueil Street No. 29 jewelry workshop, Cartier brand was born here. In 1888, Cartier try gold bracelet set with diamonds, machinery female form; to 1904, Cartier (Cartier) is an old friend of Santos (SANTOS) manufactured gold watch a hit. Since then, Cartier watches, high society has been a pet, long lasting.
1899 Cartier moved to its present site, the Paris Peace Street on the 13th. Then the family business by the Cartier three brothers, Louis, Pierre and Jacques. They traveled around the world, from India to Russia, from the Persian Gulf to the New World. In 1902 and 1909, Cartier set up branch offices in London and New York, then laid the foundation Cartier. Cartier was soon won the European royal favor.
1902 forthcoming accession to the throne as Edward VII Prince of Wales has been praised Cartier as “king of jewelers, jeweler of kings.” And in 1904 he was appointed Cartier as the British royal family royal jewelry suppliers. Cartier three brothers traveling the world experience the exotic culture, deeply affected the Cartier boutique style.
Has a hundred and fifty years of history of Cartier, is matchless magnificent, intricate jewelry watches history to write a brilliant chapter, as bright as their name Cartier jewelry sparkling, light can not watch intently. In 1847, Lluis-Francois Cartier undertake master Adolphe Picard in Paris shop, then an innovative color gemstone jewelry noise imperial court, not only deep praise Napoleon III, is more famous in Europe, as far as fame Russia, India and South America; King Edward VII had appointed him make Nianqi crown for the coronation, and was rated as the jeweler of kings, emperor of the jeweler; European countries also issued a royal commission to him.
Cartier is not only a talented located at the division, more sophisticated mind, constantly studying technical, Enchantment Enchantment Magic Clock is stunning masterpiece mosaic jewelry, but will watch the decline of the production process into a new era. Today, each Cartier watches are selected parts of Switzerland, as good as the perfect combination of creativity and technology. Cartier art continues to expand, in addition to jewelry watches, but also includes leather goods, eyewear, writing instruments, lighters, fragrances, scarves and all kinds of fine accessories. Continuation of the hundred and fifty years of classic and romantic, Cartier stepped into a new field, a series of limited edition designs, and opened its first boutique in China Beijing, distributed magnificent bright light. Diamond jewelry series unconditional love is giving, love is priceless in return — This is the essence of good in the world.
1970s, the sound of anti-war peace, people began to retrace a long forgotten love. At the same time, Cartier from the life of the people, the love of all things, the creation of a series of jewelery, gold brilliant metaphor of love, diamonds on behalf of the eternal, with the conception of the design, play for the love of Acura. Love is life’s brilliant, Cartier most precious material world, Ming-chi a passion so warm spark of life eternal. Platinum, with its beautiful graceful glory, Xing eligible for modern favorite. From the ancient Egyptians to gold, palladium, copper and other precious metals from the platinum refining, light has been buried with the Egyptian civilization, until the introduction of platinum Cartier jewelry series, before it may reassert bright.