Cartier Ballon Bleu de series appearance analysis

With the stars of the sky bursts of echoes, flashing white dazzling diamonds, the night sky in the perfect hanging piece of the ribbon, dazzling ,full moon, BallonBlancdeCartier watch like a day outside the stars, Cartier fell pregnant in.
Cartier jewelry and watch the essence of mutual blending, to create this precious, delicate, full of feminine charm, but also cute naughty place of the jewelry watch. As if the poet of the modern French poet Baudelaire, chanting the spirit and sensual fanaticism. Lightly nothing like nothing in general, BallonBlancdeCartier watch Cartier classic design elements have become their own characteristics, and create a new look, as the woman changed makeup. Case still maintained a charming round pebble shape, like a precious powder box. Carved mother-of-pearl dial, sword-shaped blue steel pointer – BallondeCartier series of landmark elements without an absence. Roman numerals and minute tracks slightly deviated from the track to highlight the 4 o’clock position of a shiny diamond inlaid. The bracelet is made of five rows of perfectly shaped “bubbles”, which are either diamonds or glossy diamonds or smooth diamonds. Seven years ago, BallonBleudeCartier series turned out. This star from the sky, ignited the BallondeCartier series of bright sky. Today, the new BallonBlancdeCartier watch once again shine Cartier watch oneworld. The same as seven years ago, Cartier once again choose to comic form, interpretation of the women’s jewelry watch Dengfeng for.

Since this is the focus of ladies watch, why not ask female artists to show their skills? Comic book industry is also set off a wave of women can be described as the right time. Cartier carefully selected four different styles, hot female cartoonists, their gorgeous stunt enough to match the charm of this new watch. Japanese young cartoonist Takahama depicts a woman embarked on the adventures of life; Paris cartoonist Nadja about what is the eternal beauty; the British style of the PosySimmonds with a keen eye to catch women between gestures of light; and RebeccaDautremer Zeyi fairy-tale Brush strokes across the generations, telling the immutable emotions. In addition to four female painters, male illustrator Floc’h also invited to join the creation, elegant style interpretation of the “servant of the heart.” Summer Tokyo, autumn Paris, winter London and the mysterious fantasy, BallondeCartier series incarnation in four fantasy story, to make people enchanted state blooming extraordinary splendor.

BallonBlancdeCartier series watch like a treasure of watches and clocks, condensation of Cartier’s extraordinary watchmaking skills, to the precise magic of the heart, to the world passing the pulse of fantasy.