CALIBRE DE Cartier Series watch equipped with 1904MC-type movement, bearing in mind the originator of modern watch Cartier created in 1904, the world’s first watch, but also full of ambitions for the future; the same time, the series continued Cartier Consistent modern design aesthetics, with the power and beauty of the perfect balance of men’s masculine charm. CALIBER DE Cartier watch to watch the profound accomplishments and exquisite design of the perfect fusion of proven Cartier enduring watch legend. There is no doubt that this series will be following the Santos, Tank, Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch after the wave of Cartier’s another classic.
Thick solid case, three-dimensional raised bezel, bold and powerful large-diameter dial, and the dial dominate the large Roman time XII show men’s masculine atmosphere; the same time, soft and smooth bezel to 28 degrees Natural tilt, the fine scale of 120 transition to the curved grainy decorative dial for the atmosphere of ink supplemented with fine details of the tracing, surprising. On the dial, three-position fan-shaped calendar window full of retro flavor; watch the other side, filled with modern transparent sapphire crystal case back so that movement exquisite decoration at a glance – Cartier amazing exquisite watchmaking process So that time condensation, leaving the watch amateurs in the amazement of whom I am deeply fascinated.
In addition, CALIBRE DE Cartier men’s watch to achieve a more exquisite inner call outside should be. Dial 120 precision scale reminiscent of the careful movement of the gear, and transparent case back in the novel chic movement design, has become the perfect sublimation masculine appearance; the same time, Cartier also takes into account the comfort of wearing, according to ergonomic Principle of the design of four lugs perfectly fit the wrist curve, as if the second layer of skin as comfortable and natural, creating an excellent wear experience.
Adhering to the extraordinary spirit of innovation and distinguished master of free and easy style, Cartier has always been to force the tabulation technology and design aesthetics combined into one, indisputable achievements of its senior tabulation master of the award. Integration of classic and innovative design elements, CALIBER DE Cartier will be contained in the name of the Cartier watch family has become another important member of the Cartier watch once again demonstrates the mechanical process of tireless research and ambitions for the future.