Breitling Navitimer 1884 watch

To pay tribute to the long history of Breitling! The new limited edition Breitling 1884 Watches (Navitimer 1884) set the brand two classic design in one, one is the Air Time Series Watch (Navitimer) since 1952 since the advent of the famous circular flight slider is equipped with; In addition, the use of The hottest calendar design of the 1940s, the center of the red half-moon pointer indicates the date on the dial, two side-by-side window shows the week and month. Timeless, classic eternal, designed specifically for the collection of watch lovers tailored.
1884 is a unique year: this year, the talented watchmaker Lyon Breitling (Léon Breitling) founded his own name Breitling named watchmaking workshop, and fully developed chronograph and precision instruments, Breitling legend from This kicked off. Today, 1884 has become a limited edition watch, the world famous time-keeping watch series (Navitimer) add new members, the Breitling’s professional and passion show most vividly.

Breitling Air Time Series (Navitimer) is equipped with iconic circular flying slider, pilots and aviation fans by the favorite and respected to accompany them to open the blue sky on the legendary journey.
This watch is both practical and easy to control, equipped with a complete calendar display. The left and right side of the week and month window at 12 o’clock position, the date display through the half-moon center pointer to achieve: This design from the 1940s best-selling Breitling Datora watch.

Strong high-tech appearance, pure black dial with “par épagne” technology to create, texture, tough silver base decorated with bright red time scale, tough also has no lack of fashion and vitality.
The watch is powered by a powerful self-winding chronograph movement, and has the highest accuracy and reliability on behalf of the Swiss official Observatory certification (COSC), showing the extraordinary performance as always.

In addition, this watch contains a pilots favored by the practical details – 9 o’clock position of the second hand dial with an additional 24-hour “military time” independent display, a clear distinction between day and night also allows the wearer easily and accurately Adjust the calendar.

Breitling air time 1884 watch (Navitimer 1884), the world’s limited sale of 1,884 pieces. Bearing extraordinary 46 mm large diameter table, and further highlights the design sense, while the dial readability is also superior. In addition to the common metal bracelet, cowhide or crocodile leather strap, this watch can also match the tread pattern of the new aircraft to follow the new black rubber strap.