Baume & Mercier Watch

Baume & Mercier  ancestors laid foundation Jura mountains, after centuries of temper and decay, and always adhere to create high-quality, low-cost product concept, so that consumers satisfied with the substance of one hundred percent sense. 16th century, began to sprout Geneva watchmaking, then Language France franche-comte pastoral baume family, aware of the importance of industrial transformation, so in 1542, a first step baume family adventure, Jura in Switzerland Luo valley area (jura) founded the studio, after louis-joseph baume then build their own factories, and gradually expand overseas markets. 1893 Free with a key chain with a tourbillon chronometer, get kew observatory competition for the highest honor and Baume & Mercier successfully expand overseas markets.

1912, William Baume met in Geneva tsarist nobility descendants also famous watch Suppliers manager paul mercier, in fact, hard to imagine two different personalities will actually get together: william baume meticulous conservative and very concerned about him behind name reputation; paul mercier is full of energy, freshness and love of art, both formal cooperation in 1918, baume & mercier earmarked for production.

Their collaboration the brand onto the peak, in 1921, baume & mercier eligible Republic of Geneva awarded the highest honor of the royal watchmaker “poincon de geneve” quality mark, this honor is baume & mercier product quality and creativity of the highest affirmation .

(Piaget) via cooperation with Italy agents introducing Piaget, teamed up to build a worldwide distribution network, and common commitment to new technologies and development of new watches, Baume & Mercier is to establish an excellent reputation and the successful expansion of more the majority of the customer base. To 1980, Baume & Mercier has been sold to the world’s five continents, over 70 countries or more.

Concept Art

Celebrities from the beginning to insist on the balance between tradition and modernity belief, this belief combined with innovative ideas, excellent quality and elegant and rigorous professional standards. All along, all Baume & Mercier keep the faith, constantly updated technology of study I, also close to the pulse of the times, innovation, design full of modern yet traditional and elegant style. Today, Baume & Mercier is internationally renowned senior watch brand, its sales network throughout the five continents, Baume & Mercier tired eligible for awards over the years, and successfully opened a number of watch technology, known as the fashion, simple, elegant master watch .

Each Baume & Mercier watch crown and movement are engraved symbol of the perfect harmony of the ancient Greek word “Ф”. This theory on behalf of the gold figures, the combination ratio represents the perfect harmony, and even the great Charles Darwin in 1509 will be renamed as “divine proportion.” This classic code is the best guarantee flawless craftsmanship and Thatcher Formation.

In 1972, Baume & Mercier watch factory designed by Galaxie, Mimosa and Stardust watch three different series, won the “Golden Rose Award”, and the most famous Riviera Baume & Mercier watches was born in the same year. Baume & Mercier outstanding artistic ideas and flawless beauty, in the Riviera Riviera series launched, up to the peak.

Baume & Mercier unique style

Baume & Mercier years of continuous innovation, creativity and fulfilling spare no effort to break the boundaries of science and technology. In recent years, under the Acting High product internationally renowned RICHEMONT Richemont Group (including Cartier, Piaget, Baume & Mercier, Montblanc, Dunhill and other brands) promotion, even more powerful, even more brilliant achievements.

Able to uphold the high quality, also depends on partners Baume & Mercier’s efforts, therefore, together with the 1993 Baume & Mercier, Cartier and Piaget watches together Chouzu the School of Design (Institut de formation de la haute horlogerie), referred IFHH. This is the world’s only a watch College, offering more specialized courses Xu, for the group of watchmakers, retailers and salesmen attend, watch art for implementing the UN list of enthusiasm, but also to witness the contribution of Baume