An article lets you read the Panerai Sea

Perhaps some friends will have different views, but the Panerai watch fans have been very much, they love the Panerai and sought after nothing more than the other fans for their favorite brand of love and love. And on the Panerai may also have a lot of stories can be said today, this one is the cousin for their previous views on Panerai’s view of a comb and summary, in order to share with you, but also to help everyone deepen understanding The Moreover, recently received a lot of readers sent to further understand the request of Panerai, because there is no time to reply, this content can be considered to give you an account.

Italy table factory Panerai headquarters at the door that “Swiss watch shop” signs to have their own, because the early Panerai company was Patek Philippe, Rolex and other Swiss watch factory dealers, so the door is the sign that is to tell you here Used to be a table shop, and is a monopoly Swiss watch table shop.

This is not difficult to understand, because the Panerai company has long been focused on military and related precision equipment production and research and development, in addition to these main business, Panerai company also opened a Swiss watch distribution business, the relevant literature had In 1934, Giuseppe and Maria inherited the father of Guido Panerai. Maria is responsible for operating the “Orologeria Svizzera” watch factory, Kyrgyzstan is to continue with the Italian Royal Navy.
It can be seen, Panerai and some Swiss watch factory relationship is also very close, such as the early Panerai for the Italian military production of the first military watch (also produced by Panerai first watch) Has used the Rolex production of self-winding movement. Later, Li Feng Group is also included in the Panerai began to transform the production of civilian watches, but it is already after 1993, and the history of that brand has been far behind.

If the Panerai is not a purely military enterprises, but also a strong civilian timepieces of products, then there is no need to advertise in front of others, and take care of their own brand is certainly a priority. As already mentioned above, Panerai company from military to civilian transformation and was Li Feng Group has been incorporated into the 1993 thing. But Panerai was founded in 1860, before so long has been focused on military production, and many are related to the wrist equipment or equipment, such as flashlights, wrist compass and wrist depth measurement, and even more than the supply of the Italian navy, but also Supply Egypt and other foreign military.

During the Panerai has invented the night, respectively, called Radiomir and Luminor night vision materials, and now the two names have become Panerai civil transformation after the classic series of names. So in addition to the unique crown bridge as the representative of the tough shape, the night vision has always been the advantages of Panerai sea. Of course, as a purely military watch factory, within the limits of the law, the way to do some industry-related overseas watch business, is also understandable. And so far still put that sign on the number that also shows the Panerai on the past or the history of respect, because do not forget Patek Philippe and Rolex are Li Feng Group’s competitors, and even some of their products are Panerai Competitor.