Aigner watches

 AIGNER has been established, has always adhered to the two principles, that is, “fine quality” and “integrity.” In the leather part, only the use of German or Italian cattle neck and throat of the skin (based on the principle of conservation does not use wild cattle), because there is the most unique lines, durability and toughness AIGNER is also the best, AIGNER is in line with the basic requirements of the leather. On the whole, the rich product line, with all kinds of leather with each other, is AIGNER leather clothing and clothing should be presented with a concrete presentation.
AIGNER standard horseshoe-style ladies has been a favorite, full of quality and the symbol of the aristocracy, as a fashion indicator. This model to maintain a classic design, in the case of choice on both sides of the atomization treatment as rivets on the belt with each other set AIGNER watches, time scale is a simple 3,9,12 figures as embellishment, with six o’clock Of the small seconds, the bottom of the case for the brand logo, quite stable. Women’s watches can be distributed temperament with the quality of choice. Mao nail is also polished after treatment, so that the original classic watch can once again have a stylish wild beauty. Black and white to choose from. Style is AIGNER signs, no matter from the oldest leather goods or clothing above, will see this proud family recognition, full of the historical significance of the quality of adherence, but also at this stage emphasizes the fashion world, to lay the elegant cortex One day, the introduction of the classic Horseshoe watch, not only is the highest recognition of the watch, but also burdened with high-quality materials, including a solid and reliable car sutures, sleek lugs, horseshoe clasp, watch back Sturdy screws, and so are the insistence on low-key, but also the price of the brand straight, the most classic black / coffee two-color options are timeless handed down the ultimate boutique.
AIGNER watches
Horseshoe-type signs to watch a very recognizable degree, a slightly different part of the case above the left and right sides of the brand down in English, in fact, let the brand feel uncomfortable in the low-key, high acute watch, the brand Confident to write on both sides. With the middle of the original watermark LOGO, simply let the taste of the watch at a glance. On the watch model, the two are not the standard, very clean, mature brand is refined in the time after the re-start.
This section is not only heavily used mother of pearl, but also do a gold-plated treatment, so watch the value beyond the size of the watch. Shading part of the arrangement of the LOGO shape, although there is no time scale, but still in a special horseshoe shape under the concept of ease when the strap below the LOGO also still have the identification in the details part of the perfect. But also a worthy of recommendation to the brand’s choice of users.