Aigner Watch

AIGNER, is a legendary brand of clothing, a unique hand-famous and high-quality materials, especially handbags and leather belts the most high-profile. Brand in Europe as a base since its inception in 1965, been promoting its signature style horseshoe marks and with a difference of style around the world, has more than 40 countries worldwide, 135 stores and 350 sales outlets sell special products AIGNER .

AIGNER since its establishment, has always insisted on the same two principles, that is “fine quality” and “integrity.” In the leather part, use only German or Italian cattle scruff of the neck and throat skin (based on the principle of conservation nor use wild cattle), where the lines of the most unique, best durability and toughness, n comply with the basic requirements of AIGNER leather. On integrity, the rich product series, and all kinds of leather can be used with each other, it should be AIGNER leather clothing with specific claims presented.

Aigner in the annual design also must absorb all ethnic groups of the style, a fusion AIGNER whole planet claims. In addition to adherence to environmental protection law cases, the implementation of water quality recovered metal ion, and at the same time more expensive to use harmless dye without using wild cattle, perfectly legitimate leather manufacturers. Various concept for AIGNER, it is like a messenger of peace of nature. Since people use leather history of more than five thousand years. Leather itself high toughness, versatile and very comfortable, it breathes, and with that the longer the more honorable, leaving skin feeling naturally blind date. Aigner leather and Aigner but more than that, because Aigner Aigner leather one can see from the nature of its mark, with fine processing, extraordinarily beautiful. In addition Aigner Aigner leather and various leather series, from soft to hard, taste everything, and its natural leather fragrance is unparalleled.

As the German national character in general, AIGNER the German apparel brand clothing and accessories can emphasize between practically with each other, and in each of the production process that can take into account the balance between man and nature, the spirit of adherence to environmental protection. While not keen to chase changing fashion trends, but the talk AIGNER supplies and living together is impossible to find fault played. All AIGNER products can be roughly divided into two major business and leisure travel, fine workmanship and solid materials, as the brand gives the impression – correct, rigorous. From shawls, scarves, umbrellas to cover the full range of accessories will always be “A” word mark, as jewelry collection, cut ice practices with gold or silver pearl, to create a timeless classic finishing touch for AIGNER minimalism.