Aigner Watch

Aigner brand LOGO is a horseshoe logo on the origin of this symbol can be traced back to a legend when it was founded Aigner: lucky horseshoe AIGNER pray most effective recipe, so at that time will be in the pockets of many scholars gentry put in a horseshoe. This legend was later creative Etienne Aigner application, he joined in a horseshoe-shaped bars, the representative of his name last name first letter “A”, represents luck never lost, and this seemed to be the letter “A” sign also means always leading symbolic significance, then, the signs will become the symbol of the brand Aigner.
AIGNER since its establishment, has always insisted on the same two principles, that is “fine quality” and “integrity.” In the leather part, we use only German or Italian cattle scruff of the neck and throat skin (based on the principle of conservation nor use wild cattle), where the lines of the most unique, durability and toughness AIGNER are the best, AIGNER is in line with the basic requirements of the leather. On integrity, the rich product series, and all kinds of leather can be used with each other, it should be AIGNER leather clothing with specific claims presented.

Aigner In each of the design, it must absorb all the ethnic style, a fusion AIGNER whole planet claims. In addition to adherence to environmental protection law cases, the implementation of water quality recovered metal-containing ions, and while the use of more expensive harmless dye, do not use wild cattle, perfectly legitimate leather manufacturers. Various concept of AIGNER to say, like a peace envoy nature. Since people use leather history of more than five thousand years. Leather itself high toughness, versatile and very comfortable, it breathes, and with that the longer the more honorable, leaving skin feeling naturally blind date. Aigner leather and Aigner but more than that, because Aigner Aigner leather one can see from the nature of its mark, with fine processing, extraordinarily beautiful. In addition Aigner Aigner leather and various leather series, from soft to hard, taste everything, and its natural leather fragrance is unparalleled.

AIGNER brand watches by no means the most expensive, most luxurious, but it’s accurate, detailed and perfect technology gives the left a deep impression. Four thousand AIGNER watch to the price of a million or so, as it provides a huge customer market, but there are many domestic consumers do not realize it.

AIGNER This REVENNA series can be quite classic, but also a very high degree of recognition of a golden lucky “A” symbol, to create a classic immortal passionate time, freehand numerals time to feel particularly soft light, AIGNER good leather craft could see quite meticulous quality, classic unchanged become a tradition not to imitate the fashion model. watch style, so your beautiful temperament alone.

AIGNER standard horseshoe is a straight ladies favorite, full of quality and a sign of nobility, has become a fashion icon. This is a classic design styling maintained in case both sides of the selection process as the atomization rivet belt embraced on the count provided AIGNER watch, time scale Zeyi 3,9,12 numbers as simple embellishment, with six o’clock the small seconds, below the case was branding, quite Chen stability. Women watch exudes quality with a preferred temperament. D nail polish also go through treatment, so that the original classic watch also has a stylish wild beauty again. Black and white to choose from. Style is AIGNER signs, whether from the oldest leather apparel or above, will see this proud family recognition, full of quality and adhere to the historical significance, but also emphasizes the fashion world stage in order to lay the elegant leather one day, offers a classic horseshoe watch not only the highest degree of recognition of the watch, but also saddled with high-quality materials, including a rugged and reliable car suture, rounded lugs, horseshoe-shaped clasp, and back sturdy screws and so are low-key persistence, but also brand of monovalent straight where the most classic black / coffee two color choices are handed down the ultimate timeless quality.


Horseshoe signs let watch it with the degree of recognition, a slightly different part of the case that the left and right sides of the top down to the English brand, in fact, leaving the brand in the low-key feel extraordinary, in high urgency watch, the brand confident do write on both sides. With intermediate watermark original LOGO, simple can taste so watch at a glance. watch mode, two and sometimes no standard, very clean, but also the purification of the mature brand in a refined time after the re-start.

This paragraph is not only heavily used mother of pearl, also made gold plating, so the size of the watch is worth the watch beyond. Shading section was arranged LOGO forming, although there is no time scale, but the outlook is still freely when under special horseshoe shape, the bottom strap is also still has the identification LOGO, the details perfect. Is a brand worth recommending to users love choice.